StealthGenie Review from one of its users

The website of StealthGenie is taken down temporarily due to a legal case filed against its CEO. Currently, StealthGenie cannot be bought on their website. I will try to make sure you are updated about any other news related to it.

Well, as long as StealthGenie is not here you do have other options to review and make decisions such as Flexispy, mSpy and Mobile Spy you can also read full reviews about them on this Website.

Do you need an honest review of StealthGenie from a person who has actually used this monitoring software program? Yes, it is quite obvious that review should only be written by someone who actually uses the software, but today many of the reviews available online are just plain made up reviews by looking at the features of spy software on its website. Along with that, All “Top Review” websites only list reviews, where it says StealthGenie is really good, go buy it now and no additional information is provided. So with all this around it is quite hard to get an honest review and make an informed decision according to it.

This review is from series of my Cell phone monitoring software reviews –trying my best to provide all information I can about a specific product so you could make an informed decision and spend money wisely on these software. You should also bookmark this page as I would be updating this review as soon as I gain more information about it.

It is not an Average Review

I never just write a standard review like those other people out there who just say StealthGenie does this thing and it is the best you can get so buy it now from here. Do you really think this will help you with making an informed decision where you will be able to get the perfect software at an affordable rate?

Hopefully, I will be able to provide more information to you not just about StealthGenie but also about Spy software which will help you make a better decision. Just read the full review and also check out other  articles on this website and I am sure you would easily be able to make a decision to buy the best monitoring software that fulfills all your needs without being scammed by fake companies.

Before I tell you what StealthGenie is, if you don’t know what it is and what it is capable of then it is better to first visit StealthGenie website and look around a bit – this will make it easier for you to follow this article. Just make sure you come back!

Website Link for StealthGenie

Me and StealthGenie

About to years ago I first downloaded StealthGenie just like you as an average mom with a stubborn Teenager! Before StealthGenie I also tried many other similar programs, but always got scammed and just received useless software or plain scams. At that time, StealthGenie was not the perfect solution for my needs, but still it got the job done and is actually the main reason why I am so interested in Spy Softwares. Eventually, this interest led me to start this website. However, since that time StealthGenie has grown quite rapidly and offers many new features.

Well, the Teenager problem is not an issue anymore and currently, I am using this spy app on my own Phone. Why? Of course, for testing reasons. I suggest this software to people and I have a belief that you can’t provide a reliable advise if you are not using the product personally. When the software is installed on my personal phone, I know what is going on with the product or if there is any new feature or issue with the product so I could offer true advice that is worth following. (I have also installed Mobile Spy on a different phone for same testing reason).

Is StealthGenie really good?

Oh, it’s just amazing, the one and only – the best cell phone monitoring software there is, and it’s just perfect and I never had a complaint – Just kidding, not really!

I am sure you will be worried that it might now work or you have already used few other useless software and don’t trust any other now. So now you want to make sure that StealthGenie actually works, it is reliable and provide good value for your money. You also must be thinking, will it be able to fulfill your needs and provide you with information which you actually require while also being compatible with your device.

Company Reliability

Quite early I learned, what is the importance of the company which is actually selling the product? The reputation of a company is really important, after all, it’s an investment, not a one-time purchase. In most cases you will be paying on term contract basis, so you need to know that would company even be there in the next 3 months at least and are they going to keep updating the product to stay with the change in technology.

For me, company reputation the main reason why I trusted StealthGenie and made a sound decision. There is a reason why they are the leaders of the market. For over two years, StealthGenie has always been the number one to support all operating systems and devices which are newly introduced. This is quite important, as most of the people like to change their cell phone when new cell phone arrives so this helps keep up with the changes.

Their list of features is also quite vast and they also offer features than most of other companies and also release new features before anyone else. In fact, other companies in the market are actually following them to catch up with them. So it is the good satisfaction that I have signed up a contract with a company that is here to stay and will always be moving forward.

I am sure you must be thinking that as they have so many users and are also the  leaders of the market so they must also be very expensive – Well, you are wrong. They might not offer the cheapest software, but as far expensive are concerned, they are not even close to it. They provide amazing value to the money spent on all the advanced features they offer and at an affordable rate.


I will keep this part always updated whenever new OS and phones will be released. One of the biggest developments of StealthGenie is their support for iPads and Tablets when it comes to monitoring. This is a great achievement and of course it is also done for the first time by StealthGenie and then moved on to others – I will also provide information about Tablets just as I run some tests on them.

Below you can see all the operating systems supported by StealthGenie. If you would like to know more about your phone compatibility you can just go to their website and there they have compatible phones with pictures. However, just make sure the OS of your device is supported by StealthGenie as it is the most important part.

  • BlackBerry – all versions up to 7.2
  • Apple iPhone – includes the iPhone 5, all versions up to 7.1.2
  • Android Phones – all versions up to 4.4

Whenever new Operating systems are released by different platforms, all of the spy companies try their best to support the OS first – but StealthGenie is always the one which adopts it.

Advanced Monitoring Features

Almost all high-end spy software provides same basic features which are available on all spy software and in the basic packages. These features include Monitoring call logs, texts, email monitoring, web browsing history, GPS tracking and files such as Photos, videos, and audio on the target phone.

They are considered to be the minimum standard which is why most Spy software must cover these features to even be able to see some light. To tell you the truth, most peoples’ needs are actually fulfilled by these features only and they never have to go for all the really advanced features.

StealthGenie also has some few features unique to itself and which also make them from the competition.

Monitor Messenger services: you can easily monitor different messenger and chat services using your jailbroken iPhone or Rooted android. However, BlackBerry messages are only limited to BlackBerry phones.

Monitoring Gmail: Though many other spy software support Gmail with their software, but they are only limited to the primary account. Using StealthGenie you can view all activities on all accounts of the user which are based on Gmail.

Security Features: Using some packages of StealthGenie you can also control the target phone that will provide some security.

  • You can remotely delete or backup sensitive data and even wipe out full storage memory of the phone. This could be great for corporate and personal use.
  • Lock and unlock phone right from the control panel, good if your phones are lost or gets stolen.

These features can be good if you are concerned about the security of your phone or have some kind of sensitive data on it. You can just install the application on your phone to get the added security.

Addition of New Features in summer 2013

Skype and Viber Monitoring: It is quite hard to support all the messenger, chat and social media applications and spy software companies are always after to support as much as possible and always new such applications are added too. Well, for StealthGenie they have now also started supporting monitoring for Viber and Skype.


This feature also got introduced for the first time by StealthGenie, they worked quite hard on this feature and also for quite a long time. This feature is perfect for monitoring the location of employees and kids. Geo Fencing uses GPS tracking system but adds another twist to it. With Geofencing you can draw boundaries on the map and if the target phone enters or leaves those boundaries you will be notified via email, Text or even both.

This is quite good when you would like to know if your kids or employees are telling the truth when they are going outside. Do you think your kids leave school early? Well, if they do, you will be notified immediately and you can take action right away.

Extra Control

There is some extra control which is provided by StealthGenie that most of the other products don’t even offer. You might not be able to notice them that easily, but they are quite handy and will make your spying even easier.

  • From your Control Panel, you can easily pause or start the software with just one click of a button.
  • You can also remotely delete the software from the target phone, so you can remove the software from the device without touching it if you no longer require monitoring.
  • You will also have full control over which data you would like to view and also the frequency of data received.

These are quite handy features, but you can’t see them as useful until you actually use the software yourself.

These features are bit different from all the other features which why it is hard to notice them. You don’t actually have to buy the most advanced package in order to gain all advanced features as you won’t be needing them much but of course, if you really want them you can go for them. However, in most cases, people don’t actually need all those advanced features and basic features work perfectly for them. So it is good if you need software that works and reliable and full fills everyone’s needs.

StealthGenie buying Tips

On their website, you will find different features and supported phones and there offer different packages for different platforms of the phone. Even though it is quite easy to find out which feature you want for your phone but still you have to check some things before buying.

Don’t just think that all features will be saved for each phone as there is the slight difference between each phones feature. For example, Android features will be slightly different from that of BlackBerry. Furthermore, the packages offered by the companies are also different and cover different features.

On their website When you will provide your phone’s platform like iOS, you will be provided with all the features which are available for your phone along with prices according to the term contract of 3,6 and 12 months. Properly check that all the features that you expect from the software are available in the package you would like to buy. Don’t worry, though, as you do have the option to 2upgrade later even if you make a wrong choice, but it is always better to get things done from the start so you won’t end up wasting time.

The packages with long-term contracts are quite good when it comes to providing value to your money, however, if you are in doubt or just need service for a small period than 3 months are better and cheaper. Basic 3 month package is of $60 and it goes above from here.

If you would like to Buy StealthGenie you can buy it from here – this is their sales page.

Is StealthGenie Really the best?

This question, everyone asks about it and answer to it can be given by none. StealthGenie is best in more than one ways, but it all depends on you in the end. If all the features you require are provided by StealthGenie and you also believe they are more affordable then StealthGenie is perfect for you. However, if they lack even one of your favorite features then they are just useless for you. If you are low on budget and just require some basic features, then MobileSpy will be perfect for you, it provides some good basic features and it is also a bit cheaper than StealthGenie. If you require some extra control and features then StealthGenie will be your best bet as no one else can provide as good features as StealthGenie and also at a competitive price.

Their whole setup is also quite advanced if you would like to see them in action you can check out their online demo account. This demo account lets you see how the Control panel looks and works like. See their demo account and then go to another spy Software website and check out what they offer. You will clearly see the difference and how innovative yet simple their control panel is. There Control Panel is designed in a way that even someone who has no idea how Technology works would be able to use it easily.

For now, this should be enough and as mentioned above, I will keep updating the review if there will any new updates, so keep checking. This review should be detailed enough then most of other StealthGenie reviews. If you have any questions related to StealthGenie or any other Spy software you can ask me below in the comments or contact me via Contact page on the website. You should also take a bit tour of the website, you will find answers to many of your questions on the website.




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